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    3. 歡迎登錄蘭威體育官方網站!
      Lenwave Sports consist of the Zhejiang Lenwave Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., zhejiang SuoDiMan industry & trade co., Ltd., Yiwu lenwave Sports, there are 10 branches. the area of the headoffice are more than 22,200 meters, and there are more than 100 workers. Production, sales, research and development were done by ourself. we are an integration of comprehensive sports supplies , and we worked more than 20 years still now.
      Lenwave Sports mainly sells our brands such as Lenwave, IPT smart series, Rodler, also make OEM,?OED,?and represents many international brands,?such as Spalding, Molten,?Acmilan.?there are basketball, football, volleyball series, ping- pong series, badminton series, skip rope and sports ware series, more than 3,000 kinds of commodities In our warehouse,the area?of the warehouse are over 10000 square meters.
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